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Smile Aesthetic Turkey

The smile design treatment is the practice of aesthetic dentistry designed to create an ideal smile Aesthetic Turkey in the style and structure that people want. izmir Smile Design This application, which provides many advantages to individuals, has gained much interest in recent years. Individuals can choose the type of smile they prefer according to their lip structure, and as a result of the joint decision they take with dentists, teeth are provided to suit the face shape, skin color and lip structure. In this way, the closest to the nature of the form of the smile is created by creating a great aesthetic effect. Smile design is seen as the most popular branch of aesthetic dentistry. In the treatment of smile design, orthodontic treatment and artistic perspective are blended together and it is aimed to gain an ideal and aesthetic smile. Izmir smile design or smile aesthetics includes the smile form prepared by looking at one’s face, gender, lip shape and expectations.
The goal of the dentists in the design of the smile is not only to perform dental aesthetics, but also to give people the ideal dental tissue and dental health.